UJK Technology Mini Pocket Hole Jig Kit Šablons


UJK Technology Mini Pocket Hole Jig Kit Šablons 101603
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The UJK Technology Pocket Hole Jig Kit speeds up the process of making a strong joint. The two mini jigs link together so you can drill twin pocket holes into wider boards without repositioning the jig. A dovetail recess securely links the two jigs together ensuring both holes are parallel. A magnetic insert on the top of the jig helps hold it in place when clamping it to the workpiece. The kit includes a stepped drill, long reach 1/4" hex Torx driver, a box of 100 fine thread (3.8 x 30mm) pocket hole screws and a stop collar with hex key. Use this jig kit to join timber from 13 to 100mm thick and not just butt joints as this is an excellent way to reinforce a mitre joint and more.

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