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This is a single aperture hinge jig suitable for all doors. It is a lightweight jig, easy to use with minimal set up time. Once set for the size of hinge, cutting the recess on the door frame requires no further adjustment. This jig gives quick and accurate results. It is suitable for hinges from 50mm(2") to 127mm(5") long and with leaf widths between 6.5mm(1/4") and 35mm(1.3/8"). The body has engraved markings for easy measurement and setting. The hinge jig is made of 12mm thick High Pressure Laminate, dimensionally stable and with a lifetime guarantee never to warp; additional parts are aluminium. The end datum stop controls the 3mm gap between the top of the door and frame. The jig comes with the clamping plate accessory and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Additional equipment required: 1/2" router, 12mm straight cutter, 16mm guide bush, screwdriver, two bradawls or two clamps.

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