Instalaciones AMIG, S.A.

AMIG, S.A. was founded in 1940 by Mr. Alejandro Amilibia Echeverria and Mr. Facundo de la Iglesia Martín. At the very beginning AMIG was located in Botica Vieja street in Bilbao, however it was soon moved to a bigger factory placed in Durango in 10 Buenos Aires street where it remained until 1998. AMIG’s first products were sole protectors, buckles, suitcases’ fasteners, etc. The company increased gradually until it reached 232 workers. It was a period of prosperity and the staff wasn’t enough to finish all the work so AMIG had to ask some women from Durango and even some nuns of the convents for help to catch up with the work.

In August in 1998 AMIG decided to innovate in the production and the storage and moved again to a more modern factory placed in Amorebieta, where it is still located so far on a surface area of 45,000 m2. 27,000 m2 have been already built (18,000 m2 of warehouse and 9,000 m2 of production) and it has a storage capacity of 40,000 pallets.

Since AMIG was founded, it has remained loyal to its company philosophy, service and customer assistance. For this reason AMIG’s most important investment in infrastructure was its automatic warehouse, which is leader in this sector and lets us preparing the orders faster and serve our customers in a brief period of time.

Nowadays our catalogue of products has more than 12,000 references which are divided into the following families: “hardware and fittings”, “electric material”, “professional line”, “individual security wear”, “gardening” and “kitchen warehouse”.

Quality represents another of our important commitments so that’s why AMIG has a highly qualified I+D+I Department who works the design and the production of may products.



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