Jet JSSG-10 Asinamais


Atbalsta stieņi var tik izmantoti gan vertikāli, gan orizontali
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Packed with excellent features the machine includes a drawer fitted within the motor housing, plus the advantage of even more useful jig storage space in the optional drawer base. The enclosed motor housing keeps water and dirt out of the interior of the machine, whilst a wide lip on the bath catches any excess water caused by runoff during sharpening. The lower portion of the stone running in the bath carries the water continuously over the grinding surface, eliminating the risk of overheating the tool being sharpened. The JSSG-10 is powered by a quiet running induction motor. Torque adjustment ensures consistent pressure from the stainless steel drive shaft to the grinding wheel. Variable speed means the optimum peripheral speed is always available even as the stone diameter is reduced over time. A scale on the side of the case provides a quick reference of the wheel's diameter. Speed is adjustable from 90 to 150rpm which allows for a stone reduced to 150mm diameter.

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